Thursday, July 26, 2012

Dollar Tree

I find TONS of good deals at Dollar Tree but I'll just post a couple :)

I can tie my shoes reward card - I have a Shoe Tying Club
I know my ABC's - just a small reward
Tactile uppercase & lowercase letters
Sentence strips - so many uses!

Target $1 Deals!

Target is my favorite store!
numbers puzzles
birthday cake die cuts - to give to the kiddos on their birthdays
magnetic "S" for Slappe :) - just because!
star die cuts - maybe for "Star of the Week" board
dry erase pockets - for small groups 
magnetic paws - for small groups
smiley face stickers - for writing (thank for you, for such a great idea Kindergarten Korner)

I love Staples!

Here are some deals I've found at Staples these past few weeks! Thanks for the idea Lil' Country Kindergarten!

(Until 7/29)
Tape flags, bright colors $0.25 (limit 4)
Post-it die-cut notes $1.00 (limit 4)
Sharpie  highlighters - 5 pack $0.50 (limit 4)

(last weeks ad)
EXPO spray cleaner $1.00
3 pack pink eraser $0.50
5 pack of Sharpies $1.00
4 pack BIC fine tip dry erase markers $0.50 

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Folgers Plastic Coffee Cans

My dad use to work in an office and apparently they went through Folgers coffee, like it was the last cup they were EVER going to drink! Because of this I have acquired 20 Folgers plastic containers. I saw this idea on Pinterest (the pin is gone! :/)