Sunday, June 24, 2012

Holy Common Core Conference!

I just came back from a LONG 4 day Common Core conference in Orlando. Good grief, my head feels like it's going to explode. The standards themselves are fine, nothing that I haven't been doing, but the how they decided to meet with us and go over them was insane! LOTS and LOTS of talking, HOURS and HOURS of sitting. I'm so glad it's over!

a new school year is coming :)

I've been "blog stalking". I still can't get over all of the amazing blogs I see. I want to do a everything on those blogs but I need to keep my focus. I've decided that my theme for this year is going to Monsters (Furry Friends). AHHHHH!!!!

I found a great deal at Michael's when school started this past year, Furry Friends by Trends. All these items were 70%-90% off!
phrases bulletin board set
welcome banner
birthday bulletin board set
bulletin board border
for the hallway to display their work
All of this, for less than $7 :)