Sunday, October 20, 2013

Connecticut :)

We are settling into our new home rather well. I love the area and my commute to work is 6 minutes AND no traffic - yippee!

We finished packing up our house, ate lunch, said our good-byes and began our journey. It took us 22 hours to drive ALL they way from Florida to Connecticut. Moving trucks are rather slow and the uphills were a killer on gas. My husband drove the moving truck with our 2 dogs and I drove our Prius with the 2 cats, 1 rabbit and yes, the found kitten. I just couldn't give her away. Everyone has their own kennel and we stopped over night on the 1st day because we were well beyond exhausted. Thank you Red Roof Inn - they allowed us to stay with ALL of our fur-kids. :)
Always in someone's way! This is our junk mail basket.

Here are some pictures of my classroom this year.
I saw this cute saying on Pinterest and I am fortunate enough to have a very artistic husband, he made the gum ball machine for me.
This bulletin board is to display the students work!

This was the first day the school was open to the teachers - it's much more colorful now!

our Kinder playground

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