Monday, June 17, 2013

Wow!!! New and exciting things are happening for us :)

I know...I know... I have been MIA for quite some time! I started grad school this August and it life has been a bit hectic. I don't know how people do it (work, school, families). During this time, my husband applied to Graduate schools for his Doctoral Degree. I'm VERY excited to announce that he was accepted at UCONN! (Go Huskies) We will be moving there this summer.

We went to visit Connecticut and the campus in May. We're in love! The town we will be living in only has 12,000 people! They have many state parks, lakes and trails. We cannot wait to begin our new adventure. 

During these months, I have been applying to many towns. Unlike, Florida, each town in Connecticut has it's own public school system. I applied to 13 towns and waited...and waited...and finally received a call for an introductory interview. 

Due to us still living in Florida (and the school year ending) I had to opt for a phone interview. It went ok...but no call back. :( I was pretty bummed. However, I knew that getting a job in new state would be quite difficult and was preparing myself for the substituting world. The same day I get an email from a school IN the town we're going to live in. I was jumping for joy, but then I found out that they wanted to interview me in person. Fortunately the interview dates were after school was out! I hopped on a plane and after flight delays, flight cancellations, flight changes and the car rental place being closed...I arrived in Connecticut. 

The interview was a bit nerve wrecking. I was interviewed by 3 members and even though I only had 4 hours of sleep, I felt the interview went quite well. :) In less than 24 hours I flew from Jacksonville to Connecticut and back! It was all worth it too, because....I GOT THE JOB!


  1. Congratulations on your new position! Wow! Best of luck on your new journey! Keep us all posted on how things are going.

  2. I think the North East is lucky to have you! I look forward to meeting you in person... not just via video conferencing. Safe travels!